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What's Indigo dyeing?

 What is Indigo Dyeing?


  Since I started indigo dyeing, I have had the opportunity to talk to various people about indigo and have felt that while everyone knows about indigo dyeing, what indigo dyeing is about is largely unknown. I used to be the same way.
Of course, there are people who are interested in indigo dyeing, so it is not a topic that everyone wants to know about, but when I gave a little in-depth explanation, most people listened with interest and I had the feeling that they would reconsider the indigo dyeing process.

My master is a genuine craftsman who carefully preserves traditional techniques, and he is also a person who continues to sincerely think about the inheritance of traditions. As one of her pupils, I, too, think it is one of my roles to convey the charm of indigo dyeing to the people around me in my own way, so I have written here about what indigo dyeing is, although this is only what I have learned.

I would be happy if you could read this article, even if only a little, when you have time.

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