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- 染色依頼

- 作品製作

- 展示販売

- 製作依頼


I will dye this indigo.

-Stains and yellowing of white clothes

-Twisting and fading of important clothes

-Dye the clothes to create a different atmosphere

-Handmade works with dyed cloth

-For making various souvenirs

-Accented with indigo dyeing in the shop

-Indigo dyeing on original products


Please feel free to contact us.



3/30 --4/5  Notice of Daimaru Sapporo "Indigo Dyeing and Life Exhibition at Konya Sojudo".

Dyeing reception station

 We have opened a dyeing reception station with the cooperation of shops that are easy to visit, in an attempt to make dyeing an option in our daily lives so that we can feel closer to us.

  If you bring the clothes you want to dye to the shop, we can make a quote, and if you are satisfied, you can request it as it is.

  We do not sell the items of this site online.

  Each item is handmade, the number is small, and it has individuality, so we would like you to pick it up and take a look.

  However, we accept semi-orders after consulting the details.

  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  As soon as the schedule for exhibition and sales is decided, we will inform you on this website.

  We sincerely look forward to connecting with you somewhere.

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