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* 2024年5月現在、染色ご依頼頂くお品の仕上がりは2024年8月頃となります。

About dyeing request


Since indigo is a living thing, it is not always dyed every day, and the amount that can be dyed is limited, which can make you feel sick or lose your energy.
Therefore, the dyeing schedule will be decided centering on indigo, and we will make every effort, but since there are only two indigo jars, we may ask you to change the schedule etc. maybe.
Thank you for your understanding and understanding.

[Dyeing price]

  Please use it as a guide for your budget.

Cotton / linen

45 yen / 1g  ( 49.5yen / 1g including tax )

Silk / yarn

70yen / 1g ( tax included77yen / 1g)

(Example: If you dye a 150g cotton garment, the calculation method is 45 (yen) x 150 (g) = 6750 yen.)


* Cotton and linen are particularly heavy.
We recommend that you measure it once with a kitchen scale and check it. In addition, please note that the final weight will be measured by us.

! caution !
* Please note that as a characteristic of this indigo dyeing, the color may fade or transfer for a while at the beginning. It will settle down after a few washes and aging.
* Dyeing may cause the fabric to shrink. Please note that the degree of shrinkage varies depending on the item.

* The existing fabric may be damaged, torn, frayed, or the rubber may stretch due to the squeezing work in the dyeing process. (Including places that cannot be seen.)

* Even if the main body is made of natural material, if the sewing thread is polyester etc., the seams will not be dyed like the main body.
* Basically, we do not accept requests for chemical fiber products. (Because the dyeing is bad and the color fixing power is weak.)



Q and A

Q.  Will the stains and yellowing of the white batter disappear?

A.Spots are quality (oil, chemicals, wax  etc ...) May not be completely dyed, but most of them are almost inconspicuous. In addition, stains that could not be seen may appear. The yellowing disappears completely.


Q. My long-time favorite clothes are twisted and faded.

A.Since this indigo is an adhesive dye, the thickness of the cloth will increase slightly. Therefore, it is expected that the cloth will be taut than before dyeing, and the clothes will be rejuvenated and enjoyed for a while, along with the appearance of re-dying.


Q. I want to change the atmosphere by dyeing clothes that don't look good.

A.Although it does not become a genuine indigo color as much as dyeing white cloth, the dyeing itself can be colored or patterned fabric. It is also interesting that the color development changes depending on the color of the background.

Q.  I want to make something I like with this indigo dyed cloth.

A.​​ We accept dyeing not only for clothing but also for the cloth itself. However, there is a limit to the size, so please contact us for details.


 If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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⌘ Dyeing reception station 

  We have opened a dyeing reception station with the cooperation of shops that are easy to visit, in an attempt to make dyeing an option in our daily lives so that we can feel closer to us.

  If you bring the clothes you want to dye to the shop, we can make an estimate, and if you are satisfied, you can leave it as it is.

Please use this as well.


[Cooperating stores]

――Organic and natural food specialty store Raruhata ――

23-2-25 Odori, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

TEL: 011-614-2406

* A long-established organic food store that is well known for its reliability. In addition to the main vegetables, I am always excited when shopping with a wide selection of vegetables.


--Cous Cous Oven + Hoppers-

26-2-23 Minami 3 Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo Fir tree so 1F

TEL: 011-614-2753

* A shop full of unique sweets and wonderful selection miscellaneous goods that you will never forget once you eat, as well as the particulars of the ingredients.

 You can also buy the classic delicious and delicious Osanpo Bar online.

⇦ Click!

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